Aditya Kumar

Computer Science and Engineering Student


Seeking a challenging full-time position that utilizes my strong interpersonal skills, excellent time management abilities, and problem-solving expertise in an open-source collaborative environment. Results-driven open-source collaborator with a passion for tackling professional challenges. I have a proven track record of contributing to various projects, including bringing code-server to aarch64, with a particular focus on Android. I have also demonstrated my ability to update documentation and provide support for OpenRC systems. Additionally, I possess experience in creating a Linux distribution from scratch and have successfully deployed projects on websites during a hackathon. I am well-versed in utilizing nix flakes in diverse build environments and have established a personal cloud using Raspberry Pi. My certifications in AWS (SAA-C03), Azure (AZ-204), data mining, software testing, and machine learning attest to my commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Work Experience


Arch Linux | 2024 - present

Test and sign-off packages in testing repositories before they are released to core repository.


Code Server

VS Code in a browser

Create remote development machines so a team can develop from anywhere. Brought official support to aarch64 architecture, mainly on Android platform. Updated documentation to deploy on Android devices. Brought official support to OpenRC systems.


Operating System

Created a Linux distribution from scratch using Linux From Scratch (LFS) and Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) guides. Customized the kernel, boot loader, init system, package manager, desktop environment and applications. Tested and debugged the distribution on various hardware and virtual machines.

Vendetta Online Docker


Brought Docker support for Vendetta Online, a 3D space combat MMORPG. Allows the game to be installed on systems that do not follow Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2022


Participated in a hackathon with a team of four and developed a web application. Deployed the project on the website using Nginx.


Server administration

A federated social network over ActivityPub protocol. Deployed the software on a VPS. Administered social network. Collaborated with administrators on other servers to help create a safe space for everyone. Administered database to ensure optimal performance of the server and ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Home Pi

Personal Cloud using Raspberry Pi

Set up a personal cloud using Raspberry Pi 4 as the server and Nextcloud as the software platform. Configured the network, firewall, SSL certificates, domain name, backup and security features. Accessed the cloud from various devices and synced files, contacts, calendars, notes and photos.

Nix Flakes

Reproducible build environment

Learnt Nix flakes and used them in various build environments such as NixOS, Nixpkgs and Home Manager. Created reproducible and declarative configurations for different systems and projects. Explored the Nix community repositories and contributed to some of them.


Aditya's Blog

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  • C, C++, Bash, Java, Python, R, Rust, Nix

Technical Skils

  • Linux, Git, Docker, PostgreSQL, System Administration, Open Source Collaboration, Docker


  • Compiler, Operating System, Virtual Memory, Cache Memory, Encryption, Decryption, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, API, Database Normalization, Cloud Computing